Taiwan Receipt Lottery Latest Winning Numbers

Here are the results for the 05/06 month 2017 Taiwan Receipt Lottery! The results were drawn on July 25, 2017.

The winning numbers are:

Special prize (NT$10 mn): 99768846
Grand prize (NT$2 mn): 83660478
First prize (NT$200,000): 70628612, 87596250, 97294175
Additional 6th prize (NT$200): 904

Important tips:
For the ‘Special’ & ‘Grand’ winning numbers, you need to match all 8 digits to win; there is no prize for matching part of the number. For the ‘First’ prize winning numbers, you can still win something as long as you match at least the last three digits.

Here’s what you’ll win if you match part of a ‘First’ prize winning number:
Last 7 digits = win NT$40,000
Last 6 digits = win NT$10,000
Last 5 digits = win NT$4,000
Last 4 digits = win NT$1,000
Last 3 digits = win NT$200

Also, for the ‘Additional 6th prize’ winning numbers, if the last 3 digits of your receipt match then you’ve won NT$200.

Here are a couple of examples of receipts from May/June 2015 - note the 104年 05-06月

Here are two examples of receipts from May/June 2015 – note the year: 104年 and month: 05-06月.

Remember to claim your prize: If you’ve won, congratulations! For those lucky enough to win over NT$10,000, you’ll have to collect your cash from a branch of Taiwan Cooperative Bank. If you’ve won less than that, you can go to any Taiwan Post office. Prizes from the July 25 draw can be collected starting from August 6, 2017. Be sure to collect your winnings before November 5, 2017, otherwise you’ll miss out. Also, if you won anything in the last receipt lottery draw for March/April 2017, you have until September 5, 2017 to claim it before your money mysteriously vanishes! If you want to learn some Chinese, the uniform invoices are known as 統一發票 (tǒngyī fà piào), and the July 25 draw was for winning receipts during the 2017 年 05 月, 06 月 period.

How to fill out the back of your receipt: If you haven’t got anyone to help you do it, here’s an example of what you’ll need to fill in using a receipt from 7-Eleven. Most receipts require the same seven pieces of info to be written on the back, although sometimes the order changes around:

Instructions for filling out the details on a winning receipt

Instructions for filling out the details on a winning receipt

Oh, and one other thing to mention: If you win any prize over NT$1,000 the tax office will collect 20% of your winnings – I find it a bit odd, given that the prizes are generated from tax revenue in the first place 🙂

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